How it all started…

The lack of an armrest on the hard-plastic console of his 2013 Mustang made Kevin’s long work commute uncomfortable. To improve his driving experience, he wanted a soft armrest that was also stylish. There was no such product in the market, so he decided to make one in his garage in Maryland (USA). Despite the challenges, he persevered, and the leather upholstered ‘KR Armrest’ was born.

What began as an idea ignited his passion for design and engineering which inspired him to create 5 SPURS. Today, Kevin is busy creating high-quality bespoke products for passionate car owners like himself, seeking nothing but the best for their pride and joy.


5 SPURS puts the spin on 5 STARS

rotating spurrotating spurrotating spurrotating spurrotating spur

bringing you outstanding products and quality!


Much like ‘spurs’ aid horse riders, 5 SPURS aids drivers on their trusty steeds.

5 SPURS listens to drivers’ needs and turns good ideas into creative products.
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